this morning my HDD is read as RAW not NTFS, Help!

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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this morning my HDD is read as RAW not NTFS, Help!

#1 Post by 911nimo »

hello, I need help, I 've got a 3TB WD green internal HDD almost half full with important data,

yesterday I left the pc running overnight and this morning I opened my computer and the partition was gone, restarted and I cant access it and it asks to format,

I am no computer expert so, after the panic was over I searched the internet and got some info, I went to disk manager and it says it's raw not ntfs, I checked SMART stats with speed fan and it seems OK, then I found about testdisk

I analyzed the HDD but I dont know what to do?

any help to get it working again, I got this drive a couple of months ago and I cant afford another one and it is full of data i need...

update :

ran it again until i got to this screen
Untitled.png (15.49 KiB) Viewed 1524 times
it says partition is P MS data not NTFS as I saw in screenshots from the tutorial on the official wiki...

also I still get the warning about cylinders heads mismatch... I closed and attached the log file here
(4.06 KiB) Downloaded 434 times
how to proceed??