HELP Photorec recover .CR2 + original filename JPG

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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HELP Photorec recover .CR2 + original filename JPG

#1 Post by Ashkeroth »


Following my idiocity of unplugging my HDD cable and plugging into a different one, I lost about 90% of the photos from the following chkdsk dump script (on my Dropbox account for those interested) ... 120240.log

I tried using PhotoRec, I ran a scan on the whole partition recovering files for JPG and TIF. For the tif, it says that it will recover .cr2 files. However during the scan and after the scan, the screen shows not a single recovered file. Can someone please teach me how to recover those extension?

Also, when I have the file recovered, they have an extremely long meaningless name such as f11274240.jpg. This is difficult for me to spot which photo is as it has lost its file number e.g. IMG_9855.jpg - in which Adobe Lightroom recognise.

When I used EASUS 5.5.1, I manage to scan some .cr2 and have the JPG keeping its original name. Photorec couldn't do any of them, however, manage to fetch back some files in which EASUS cannot find.

My questions are
1. How to recover .cr2 files?
2. Method that I can make Photorec recover file with its original name

Thank you in advance and thank you for this wonderful program that recovered most of my files!

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Re: HELP Photorec recover .CR2 + original filename JPG

#2 Post by cgrenier »

To recover .cr2 files, it's better to use latest PhotoRec 6.14-WIP. Sometimes they will be recovered with the .tiff extension.
PhotoRec won't recover the original filename but the file will have the date/time store by your camera when the files has been taken.