filesystem mountable but testdisk claims its defect

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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filesystem mountable but testdisk claims its defect

#1 Post by torwag »

I had a fatal problem with a HDD. I was able to get an image via dd and can mount it as loop device... however half of the data is gone and I was hopeing to use testdisk to recover some of the deleted data.
Testdisk finds the correct partition however trying to see the files it always tells me that the filesystem seems to be corrupt....
I tried some other disks with completely working and sane partition and file-tables too... always the same problem.

Any ideas?

Again, I can mount the filesystem... partition and filesystem seems to be valid.
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Testdisk version 6.13

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Re: filesystem mountable but testdisk claims its defect

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Have you try PhotoRec to see if it recover your files ?