Lee Long roar heard Pompon two uppercut will dry up.

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Lee Long roar heard Pompon two uppercut will dry up.

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Snow, a look, did not think to put the ball hanging in the past.
See Lee Yong-catching, Dampier scalp fierce tight, Murphy encounter still fresh in our memory, they do not want to have been the share of crime.
Li Long calmly turned and pushed his plump , a little bit of squeeze to the basket.
Dampier to spend feeding effort to obstruct the talk of the town , offensive, , he felt that they are not in confrontation with the people, but rather than the strength of a bulldozer.
"This guy is obviously the height and weight and their own, how the strength greater than themselves, so much, simply terror Shaquille O'Neal."
Truth, and Lee do not know their own strength in the end how strong the training time, bench press 140 kg, it is a piece of cake, bench press 180 kg it is also commonplace, Iverson often said that his body metamorphosis, and Lee all thanks to this crossing, may be crossed, trigger the body mutated, so the force will be so strong.
Okay, Without further ado, continue to play.
Three seconds, and Lee with his big , in the low, at least to the basket forward three or four meters.
The Dampier tears, not the brothers do not work hard, it is the enemy is too strong, Zaozhidaojiu do not provoke this tyrannosaurus.
Murphy, a double team, double-teamed. "Dampier hastily shouted from the recent Troy Murphy.
Really can not stand, can only be called to support.
Murphy heard this, and rushed over, may be too late.
I saw Lee Long suddenly turned around, Dampier pushed behind the big step forward one step jumped.
A Tomahawk dunk.
"Oh ..."
Dampier and Murphy on the visual one, [url=http://www.jerseysauthentichere.com]wholesale nfl jerseys
, all smile shaking his head, too tough.
"... The tyrannosaurus face one-on-one defensive score can be said too simple, I believe that no one can stop him in addition to that big shark." Says the narrator of the scene shouted.
"Yes, now the score field 69:46,76-leading 23 points ..." The narrator also embarr,ed in it.
Richardson heard the narrator explain the breath did not come up, almost fainted, shame, naked shame in their own home was surprised to be leading so many, this hatred must be reported, must be reported.
Richardson to Exeter Purcell asked, suddenly accelerated on the inside red, desperate, he is now angry Mongolia closed his eyes, had lost his mind.
On the 23rd ball butt, foul. "
Richardson hit his defensive Snow, who blew a foul.
Snow dribble on the perimeter walk, looked inside and found Li Long layers of double-teamed, it seems the Warriors have been chastened.
Look to other people, nfl jerseys cheap, have no proper opportunity, desperation had a breakthrough, see if he can give his teammates pull out the neutral.
Running a few times did not find a suitable opportunity to p,, then look at the 24-second shot clock running out, Snow had a breakthrough shooting.
Go past the defense of Exeter Purcell, Snow jump shot.
At this point, Richardson appeared in front of the Snow, and suddenly jump, big hands hard fan of basketball in the air.
"Black" basketball fan-out of bounds.
"Richardson to see their cover shot of the Snow, excitement roared up, hold for three, in the tone of the chest finally broke out.
Warriors bench have also cried out, entire blocks them too vent.
, And so on, the field a man stunned.
The basket talk of the town to see Richardson's cap the Pie Piezui, disagree.
"I rub dare to cap us, so I do not cap you die."
But the next moment, and Lee dumbfounded eyes keeping a close eye on the bounds.
Anger from Lee Long's chest rising, he felt that the unprecedented anger, his eyes become blood red, red with rage only at this moment he is a fierce beast.
Lee Yong-sky and roar, and then look to the still excited Richardson, insane rushed past.
All scared silly, this is how it was.
"I'll kill you!"
Lee Long roar heard Pompon two uppercut will dry up.
Seen sandbags fist?
Richardson met fainted the moment I saw him like a broken stakes are generally blow stunned, wholesale jerseys from china, did not such as lying on the ground, the second punch him in the opposite direction to H from the snapped fall to the ground, until fainted the moment, he does not know why they would be beaten.
Li Long rage outbreak of strength is how strong, put Richardson dry fainted.
Until Richardson fell to the ground, the Warriors players to wake up, the referee rushed over.
Murphy has always been good relations and Richardson, regardless of the referee to dissuade rushed in front of Li Long.
"I rub" crazy Lee Long a high whip leg is thrown in the past, kicked Murphy's chin, and have not had time to show Murphy kick halo.
Crazy, the audience is crazy!

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