TRUE noob,Data from windows but currently GNU with LInux Mint

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TRUE noob,Data from windows but currently GNU with LInux Mint

#1 Post by Homman » 02 Oct 2019, 11:28

I have a Working Toshiba HDD 750 GBs(Advertised on Package) in my Laptop.
I used Windows till a week ago till i read on browser to use Linux and Being Impressed i Flashed GNU with Linux Mint into my Flash Drive using Balena Etcher.I had 7 LocalDisks in Windows including C Drive so i wanted to keep Data(Total:around 250 GBs as seen in MS Windows excluding C drive) of every Drive but not C Drive so i inserted Windows Install Media(DVD) and Format C drive 2 times and then tried to install Mint and while partitioning during installation made a 200 GiB partition with mount-point Root as Ext4 Journaling FS but after installation complete ,my system rebooted with written BootLoader Missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot so i repeated the installation again and it again failed so i thought to keep it as it is without any OS and using The Laptop in Live environment without using HDD but when i checked my HDD partitions using Mint's inbuilt File Explorer i noticed all partitions are as they were except 4 partitions of which one is C Drive and rest had my important data which is not the in 3 of my drives insted there is:
Folder named "Homman007" in 11 GB(size is intact without any change in even a single Byte which i noted on windows) Partition which was the name given to User(or may be computer) during my First Attempt to install Mint and a Folder in 8GB Partition with name "Homman-Clok" which i gave in my second attempt and third partition is 6.4 GB which has "bin, boot, cdrom, dev, etc, home, lib, lib64, media, mn..."(Total;20 Folder, 4Files).There is only one Folder in 12 GB and 8 GB in with names given above respectively and folders have no data instde them ie. Blank except the 6.4 GB Partition which i think has complete Mint file system from Root but in NTFS.
*Please note that:
1)Name of drives is changed to their size like "6.4 GB Volume" and not their orignal name which i named them in windows.
2)I have not written any data to any Volume after deleting MS Windows by this i want to say the all drives releted to deleted data are in NTFS(version which was used by windows 7 Ultimate).
3)Other Drives are Instact With no change in name or size or content.
4)HDD DON'T have any hardware issue and is in completely working condition.

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