Write after Analyse problem?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Write after Analyse problem?

#1 Post by Anastaziel »


My external WD Elements 5TB drive just died. I opened it, removed the drive, and hooked it up to the PC to see if I can retrieve the data. In Windows I saw the drive was listed as RAW. I had no idea what to do so through some tutorials I picked up TestDisk. This is what I did it using a live USB of the newest Ubuntu. I did not install the OS just booted from the USB:

I chose Intel partition (no idea if that was correct or not).

1. Run Analyse: I was able to see all the files listed after that. 1 partition. So I wrote it to the disk.
1.1. Restarted.
1.2. I tried to open the drive in a normal way. I found some files but some directories gave me a warning, when I tried to open them, that it could not display(?) all the files despite me being able to see all the files through TestDisk's Analyse.

2. Somewhere I saw that I should run Advanced - Boot. So I did. I was able to again see all the files through TestDisk but again I cannot see them all if I simply open the drive in Ubuntu and I still get the warning of missing files.

3. I ran Analyse again. Same result.

4. Ran the MBR Code command. Nothing changed.

5. Ran Analyse again. Nothing changed.

Never did a deeper scan.

Here is a screenshot I do not understand. In the attached picture at the bottom it says blocksize=4096, 2199GB / 2048 GiB. Why does it say that? I could not find what "Sector Size" to put.

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Re: Write after Analyse problem?

#2 Post by Fiona »

Your disk should be GPT instead of Intel-MBR.
Intel-MBR supports only disks up to 2.2 TB.
In the attached picture at the bottom it says blocksize=4096, 2199GB / 2048 GiB.
Typically sign that your partition is only recognized as a 2.2 TB (2199 GB)-partition.
OlderOS's like WinXP etc.. can have trouble to handle it.
Often external large disks over 2.2 TB and 4k sectors are advanced formatted to bypass the 2.2 TB-Limit.
It can cause trouble.
Driver can be an issue too:
http://knowledge.seagate.com/articles/e ... uage=en_US
Although it's seagate related but it can affect WD too,
For example, when you build in your disk internally, 4 k sectors can be emulated as 5212 Bytes sectors, otherwise older computer can't boot from this disk.
Some info:
https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/librar ... 85%29.aspx
As far as I've seen, USB has much less trouble to recognize large disks than internally ones.
Can you attach your disk via USB and test your capacity again?


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Re: Write after Analyse problem?

#3 Post by Anastaziel »

Hi Fiona,

Thank you for your reply. I just saw that the screenshot I tried to upload is not in my first post. I will try to upload it with this one.

I am not using Windows but Ubuntu 15.10 as a Live USB (so I do not install the OS just run it from the USB). In it I put the newest TestDisk. The "bad" HDD is plugged into my PC as I had to extract the HDD from its case. The case and its controller chip died. I do not have means to plug the HDD via USB.

The 2.2GB is show in TestDisk if I choose Intel partition and run Analyse. After Analyse finishes and I press P I can view all the files on the HDD. Above where the partitioned are listed I see Disk /dev/sda - 5000 GB / 4657 GiB. Which seems to be normal for a 5TB HDD.

But underneath where it says: Keys A: add partition ... and so one it says: NTFS, blocksize=4096, 2199GB / 2048 GiB. TestDisk finds all the files and I can copy them (I presume correctly) but it decides to write a wrong partition table at the end, a partition table that only indexes(?) 2048 GiB. I do not understand why?
Intel partition
Intel partition
1.png (54.92 KiB) Viewed 2201 times

Now, I tried your suggestion of using GPT partition instead. It does the same thing but it finds 2 partitions. 1 MS Data and 1 Mac HFS. The Data partition has all the files, again found correctly and I can copy them but it again says on the bottom that the HDD is only 2048 GiB despite finding the correct size at the top: Disk /dev/sda - 5001 GB / 4657GiB. Why would it find correctly the partition but decide to write the wrong one? If I select to proceed and write the partition information it says "Error".
GPT partition
GPT partition
2.png (56.05 KiB) Viewed 2201 times
Furthermore, If I set the blocksize to 516 using GPT partition it finds 3 partitions and it says the the 2 that are not data partitions are corrupted (do not really care about them).